View Full Version : Does AOMEI Partition Assistant have "Detect Any OS" In WinPE Bootable Disk?

05-09-2013, 11:27 PM
Hi there. I was researching Disk image utilities and basically found out that AOMEI partition manager does everything, all the other free ones do.
The only thing I'm not sure of is whether AOMEI Partition Assistant has "Detect Any OS" In it's creatable WinPE Bootable Disk?
I know that PartedMagic does.
And I'm not sure if I should keep PMagic around just for that feature, in case my BIOS ever gets messed up.

Does any one know if AOMEI Partition manager has this feature in it's WinPE Bootable Disk?

AOMEI Technology
05-20-2013, 09:38 PM

I think you mean manage multi-boot menu. Currently this software does not have such a feature but will have in the later version.