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11-22-2012, 10:49 AM
Hi i have ACER ASPIRE v5-431 laptop.

i have installed Win 7, ubuntu, xp, vista.

But when i try to install Windows 8, it just doesnt install.
it gives me following error :


i Tried everything.
i performed a Clean install {deleted all partitions & installed on a new partition}
i even used ACER just UPGRADE ASSISTANT.

But still all in vain

The OS doesnt install.

i tried freaking 15 times just trying to install that OS but still it just doesnt install.

Can anyone pls help me out how can i install this OS ?

11-26-2012, 10:59 PM
I would like to suggest the following steps:

1) Try to disable all NON Microsoft installed software, uninstall your third party antivirus program, remove anything plugged in via the usb ports then restarted your computer.
2) Disconnect all the external devices (printers, scanner, USB (universal serial bus) drives, etc...) except mouse and the keyboard; shut all non-essential services and apps off (iTunes, AVG etc) and then choosing the 'install only' option.

11-30-2012, 11:02 AM
I have exactly the same problem. Install fails at 85%. Strangely enough my initial attempt was okay. I was able to use Win8 for one day. Then I connected an external monitor via hdmi to the laptop and things went horribly wrong. In the end I had to restore the entire system by hand.

A few days ago I tried again. To my surprise I had to pay for the upgrade again. I broke off that process and downloaded the win8 install and used the registration key that I had received during the first upgrade.

Now, like I said, everything gets stuck at 84 and 85%.

Now my question: after the first analysis the installer shows a list of apps that need reviewing (or something similar). What does this mean? That I should uninstall? or manually stop processes in the background? Could that be the cause of the failure?

11-30-2012, 08:32 PM
I got the same "list of apps that needs attention", all runs fine on Windows 8.

As far as the OP's issue, I had the same many times on my HP desktop under 8 RP, only 74% was the magical BSOD number. In my case, I believe it was the graphics driver on the install disk.

I have a hunch that there's a poorly designed driver that executes during the install process that's crashing the install attempts. You may need to contact MS for technical support, they will help you with the install. If it won't install, they will issue a refund.

jsm, that initial install that you completed was your best shot, & you should have backed up at that point, before doing anything else. This would have given you a fallback to turn to, & from there, MS has engineers at Windows 8 Technical Support to assist you with issues.

You don't have to pay for the upgrade again, there's a link in your email confirmation to re-download the installer.

It would have been best had you created media after your first attempt, this would have given you a DVD to clean install with. That's the best way to install a Windows OS. Upgrade installs, even those that completes, aren't always dependable.

In both cases, there's a link in the confirmation email to order a Backup DVD set for a clean install, I highly recommend that both of you get them.


11-30-2012, 09:52 PM
thanks, Catilley, for your response.

I don't really want the refund, I want a working win8 :) There is confusion, though, because if you start the 'normal' upgrade procedure the installer is called upgradeinstaller.exe or something similar. If you do the the download from the link that is in the email it says installer.exe (oss)

As for the initial session: I understand that you write this but in fact it was win8 itself that was unable to backup. The symptom I got was that (after one day of use) the bootup procedure got stuck (black screen/nothing) and stayed there even when leaving the system for an hour or so. This started when I connected the hdmi but after that it didn't matter if the monitor was connected or not. Then, upon reboot, win8 told me that there had been a boot failure and that it was going to look at the problem (they really made progress in the messages ;) ). However that went nowhere. I got 3 choices, ranging from superficial repair to complete restore to the situation before install. Of course I went through all the choices, starting with the light version. I ended up with a restore from the asus restore service. Naturally I had my docs and stuff on a separate partition and in the cloud but it's still a pita. Even more so, now that a reinstall attempt is not going anywhere.

11-30-2012, 10:06 PM
That's where the issue is, it's an upgrade install, which is very buggy & prone to problems, though at first, it may look good. There was the option to not go through with the upgrade & create media, which is precisely what you need.

Then you would have a clean install, by using the DVD to properly format the partition & it should then be OK. Now your best option is to order the Backup DVD in your email confirmation link & wait. Unless you know someone else with a upgrade DVD (of your bit version), in that case, you can use that, along with your COA purchased.

But it cannot be an OEM (System Builder) type of DVD, it has to be the upgrade version.

You can even call MS, to get this rushed to you faster. This also applies to the OP, who hasn't returned to the thread.


12-02-2012, 08:54 AM
i got the same acer aspire v5 431

and when trying to install windows 8 also got the same problem

i heard that we need to update the bios.. so i went to acer website and downloaded the latest bios...

it was version 2.09..

but i cant open the file on windows 7... (its an exe file)

it kept tellling me not a valid win32 applicatio .

what does this mean ??

btw heres the link for the bios update...


(dont forget to erase the two ** at the http:)

12-02-2012, 09:58 AM
hi guys

i got the same problem

just bought acer aspire v5 431 and cannot install window 8

i heard that we have to update the bios to the latest version which is 2.09

i have download the update but i cano tinstall from windows 7 because it kept sating its not a valid win32 application

what is that mean ???

im trying to update but cannot, ( the bios file is an exe file...

(im trying to post the link but it wont allow me as i am new to this forum... i got the bios update from the acer website :)

12-02-2012, 05:02 PM
That's an old warning (not a valid win32 application) that I used to get when trying to install some apps on Windows 2000 Pro, years back. I take it that it's a 32 bit computer.

This is obviously a computer intended for a certain market (possibly India), as Windows 7 Home Basic is a offered OS for the notebook, not available to US & Canada markets. Except for those with TechNet/MSDN subscriptions. I'm running that OS on a Dell desktop that has no Aero support, yet need a modern OS (as possible) on it.

There are even issues with installing Linux Mint & Ubuntu onto this laptop, these are two of the most user friendly Linux OS's around. Drivers seems to be an issue.

Acer also is among the lower quality computers sold in the US. I've known at least four users with this brand of computer, all were giving some kind of troubles before the warranty ran out. On one, the screen just totally fell off & broke when it hit the floor, he was sent a new replacement (poor hinge design).

I posting here to keep the thread alive, in hopes that someone in the countries that sells this notebook steps forward with a solution. Hopefully, the service for Acer is better there than in the US.

Best of Luck,

12-02-2012, 08:56 PM
i have just email acer regarding updating my bios

hope to have answer asap from them..

12-02-2012, 11:17 PM
Nobody's mixing bit-sets, right?

Go to Acer's web site, make sure the model in question is on their Win8 list.


Did I mention, a real class-act is Windows 8?

12-03-2012, 06:08 PM
According to this site, the Acer Aspire V5-431 will run Windows 8. There's even an Upgrade Assistant Tool for the notebook, though it doesn't say whether or not you have the opportunity to burn a DVD for Fresh Install or repair purposes.

Windows 8 Upgrade Offer (http://us.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/windows-upgrade-offer)

Though one can still upgrade (or preferably Clean Install) through the regular MS channels, there's ACHI & WLAN/LAN issues that needs addressing, look here.

Affected Model list (http://us.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/affected-model-list#bios)

And like I stated, once any issues are fixed, one can either clean install (by creating media nearing the end of the Upgrade Assistant process, preferred). Or for a more troublesome experience, it can be upgraded. Though if a repair is needed, such as a refresh, a DVD will be needed anyway.

Manually Upgrade (http://us.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/manually-upgrade)

Looking at the comparison between the two types of installs, more work (prior updating of issues) will be required for an upgrade install. So why not do a clean one?

I suppose this falls in line of the discontent of the 4 users who has or has had Acer computers whom I know. This is as bad (or possibly worse) than HP, only on a smaller scale.

I've provided as much info as I can find. Put it to use & good luck to all who has the misfortune of owning this computer.


12-03-2012, 09:39 PM
Geeeez, Cat, why don't you tell us what you, really, think/feel, lol


12-03-2012, 11:40 PM
Cat, I admire your loyalty to Microsoft but you're turning things upside down. If MS is unable to install an upgrade to a recent model of a laptop or it can't work with certain hdmi drivers then that's not the laptop manufacturer's fault but MS's. I upgraded from XP to win7 without any hitches and now win7 to win8 is causing a lot of trouble. My laptop is not even 2 years old so I don't expect it to have any obsolete stuff inside. Win8 should run fine. More and more I get the idea that a win8 install isn't for every intel/amd pc/laptop? Is there a blacklist? That's not what MS marketing is telling us.

12-04-2012, 07:19 AM
jsm, you're misunderstanding me. While I do like MS's products, if you've done much reading of recent threads on this Forum, you'd see that I'm highly pissed at the way that MS chose to distribute Windows 8 Pro & Media Center keys (two 3rd parties involved). Took 3 & a half weeks, only after a call to MS, to get the Backup DVD's that I paid for on 10/26.

On my second install on this notebook performed on 11/29, I've yet to receive my Media Center key, though on the first install, I had it in 20 hours. Also, why two 3rd parties to handle all of this? And the Upgrade Assistant isn't advising users (or offering it as a "recommended" option) to create media for reinstall/repair purposes. They're assuming that everyone who's upgrading to 8 Pro knows all of this info. I knew it because I had read a CNET article by Ed Bott, the steps were shown. Paul Thurrott on the Windows SuperSite also explained this.

But everyone doesn't follow tech sites & info on these things. Going back to the Media Center, it's only Free for this promo, it's NOT an included feature of 8 Pro, even the full priced version. If one built a computer with Windows 8 Pro System Builder edition, the key for Media Center is $69, making the full cost over $200, unless promos are going on for the Windows 8 Pro System Builder OS package.

Making things worse, w/o any warning in August.September, MS removed Free Streaming Internet TV from WMC. This was my favorite part of the app, being able to see full version shows. MS watered down the app, then began charging for it. If it weren't included in the promo, I could get a far better WMC replacement (twice as feature filled) for only $10 more, from CyberLink.

And as far as Windows 8 Pro installing perfectly on all systems w/o a hitch, Acer isn't the only brand affected. My HP desktop, there were graphic issues, it was a couple of weeks or so before fixes were available for it.

As far as loyalty is concerned, I'm loyal to what works on a given computer, I have two others that are unable to run Windows 8, Linux Mint 13 is my main OS on one, Ubuntu 12.04 LTS on another.

At the present time, not having my Media Center key, as well as issues documented elsewhere on the Forum, MS isn't doing a lot to boost my confidence in them. This could have been done better.


12-18-2012, 07:09 PM
I think you should need to check out your system's specifications that is mustly compatible with windows 8 requirements because this windows is a hgh level and only installed in Duel core or core to duel systems...

12-18-2012, 10:24 PM
Of course this is a high level of Windows, it's MS's latest & greatest. As far as the number of CPU cores, there's no steadfast rule on that, though at a minimum, one should have a HT enabled single core CPU (acts as a dual core) of 3.0GHz or higher (if single core). As far as dual core CPU's goes, I've seen some Windows 8 installs on as low as 1.3GHz, though the more the merrier.

True dual core is preferable for most any Windows OS, the real spec here is whether or not the CPU is NX capable. It can be a 4.0GHz CPU, w/o NX, all is for nil.

Windows 8 is the least demanding OS, as far as power requirements, than any other produced in this century. Yes, there has been OS's since then (2000) that would run on less RAM, CPU & HDD space, but did they run & look that good? The more RAM they were fed (this includes Win 2K, XP, Vista & also 7 to an extent), the more they used. Same with CPU. One could add more, but the benefits were not as expected. More PSU was also needed to keep these beasts going.

Windows 8 is a lean, mean, green OS that runs well, on both low, high power & most everything in between. It should run on most all computers that 7 runs on, with the exception being some netbooks that doesn't meet the graphics requirements & those with Windows 7 Starter cannot be upgraded to Windows 8 Pro (the current promo). It should also run on many computers that was built to run Vista, though on some older models, where possible, the GPU may need upgrading (older AMD & NVIDIA cards). It gets worse for those running XP, many of those computers doesn't have the CPU's to enable NX (as stated above) & once again, many doesn't have the video cards to run the OS.

This doesn't mean that all Vista/XP computers "can't" run Windows 8, but upgrading of hardware is in order for some. And this doesn't mean that just because a computer shipped with Windows 7, 8 will install with little or no user input 100% of the time. My HP desktop that shipped with Windows 7 didn't look like it would run it well itself, reason, older graphics card (ATI Radeon 3200 HD, Vista era). Plus a couple of other older surplus components that HP "threw in" to get rid of doesn't run on 8. Wireless cards on the "N" type were the standard back in 2009, mine shipped with an older Atheros AR5007EG, a "G" type one, one that was installed in many XP notebooks.

"AC" is the wireless standard of today, while "N" wireless is still widely used, if one buys a new computer, it's not up to date if a "N" type of card is installed, no more than a Windows 7 computer being equipped with a "G" wireless card. Yes, they cost more, but like the previous standard versus the one before that ("N" vs "G"), "AC" is 10x everything that "N" is & more. It is only backwards compatible with "N" devices, leaving the older standards kicked to the curb.

Yes, the system specs should be checked out, but I did do some homework on this computer, with links above as to what needs attention. If these are attended to, then 8 will run on it. Kind of like my HP, some things had to be done to make it run smoother, w/o daily BSOD's.