View Full Version : Failing to upgrade from Win7 Ultimate to Win8 Pro, but why, why, why????

10-30-2012, 08:29 AM
I need some help

•My Media Center was running Win7 Ultimate

•I purchased one of the Win8 Pro downloads

•1st attempt was directly according to the instruction from Microsoft with installing the upgrade on from the desktop and on top of the Win7 version, but every time during the final restart of the installation the computer fails to start and ends a an black screen. When then doing a manual reset of the PC Win8 starts but says the installation has failed and then restores Win7, I have repeated the procedure 5-6 times always with the exact same result.

•2nd attempt was the same as above just with the Win8 as a ISO file on a DVD but the result was exactly the same

•3rd attempt was to format the HD and then doing a clean install and that works! Until the time of Win8 activation because here I’m being told that the Win8 I have purchased is a upgrade and cannot be active in a clean installation

•4th attempt was to reinstall Win7 Ultimate and then straight after completing that installing Win8 from the ISO DVD but with the exact same result as attempt 1 and 2.

What to do?

Thanks in advance

10-30-2012, 09:39 AM
This is a very strange problem. I also downloaded the ISO file and choose Save Nothing, then burned the ISO file to DVD. I then chose disk options during the installation and formatted at that time, then installed Win 8 Pro and everything worked.

When you say during attempt 3 that you formatted the HD, did you do this prior to starting the installation or as a part of the installation?

If you choose Custom Install, on the next screen you can choose disk options select the partition containing Win 7 and format from here, then start the installation. Perhaps formatting before booting to the DVD will not allow the installation.

I hope this helps.

10-30-2012, 09:59 AM
The instructions as I understood them, when clean installing from created media, was to format within the setup, not prior to it.

I realize that some prefers to wipe their drive/partition before a clean install (I do myself), but it's required to format the drive with the Windows 8 setup media as a part of the install.

Try restoring the backup of Windows 7, I hope that you did backup prior to the install. I backed up myself, after the upgrade was downloaded & media created, "just in case".

Or if no backup is available, you can install & activate 7 Ultimate again (no need to update) & start over.


10-30-2012, 10:20 AM
Thanks for the replies,

It seems that Win8 has a very good working restore function so that takes care of bringing me back to Win7 after every failed attempt so that concern is taken care off.

I have done the formatting of the HD both before the installation and as part of the installation so that made no difference.

I have now installed Win7 on top of the clean Win8 I was not allowed to activate and in this moment I’m downloading a new version of Win8 from Microsoft and then I will try again.

I have talked to Microsoft Support a few times but I think they need to all have a few Win8 training courses because that brought nothing useful.

I’m getting a little desperate so please let the suggestions coming.


10-30-2012, 11:13 AM
Did you ever try Win 8 RP. There was a change from Win 8 CP to Win 8 RP and carried forward. The symptoms are not generally what you are describing but worth exploring.

Starting with Win 8 RP and continuing with Win 8 Pro, MS is now enforcing the higher security in CPU's that meet the NX standards. Take a look at this forum (http://www.neowin.net/forum/topic/1086273-did-you-ever-wonder-if-you-could-install-wrp-on-your-p4-and-if-not-whats-wrong/)for some explanations and possible solutions. I do not know if this might be your problem, but it's worth exploring.

10-30-2012, 11:49 PM
Another failure with the new download, when it comes to what looks like the final restart of the installation the operating system just don’t start and it locks in a black screen up just before the Win lock on.

I don’t think it is a hardware problem since the clean install worked in first attempt and my only problem there was then that the upgrade I have purchased just did not support a clean install but only the upgrade that just don’t seem to work.

Could this be something specific to an upgrade from Win7 Ultimate? Or have anybody else here made an upgrade from Win7 Ultimate to Win8 Pro?

If I end up having to purchase a full installation 8 Pro what is then the EU price? I have until now only been able to find the upgrades?

I will be away from home the next week but I’m seriously considering giving the Microsoft Support some (more) grief on this issue since they until not have been of very little help, one of the techs I spoke to even said that my activation code was not valid and the only way he could help was if I purchased a new code from him???????????????

10-31-2012, 02:38 AM
I did not do the Upgrade, I booted to the DVD and formatted my partition then installed Win 8 Pro. I did start with Win 7 Ultimate.

I have never had faith in Upgrade Installations and always Custom Install with a format during the installation.

Here is my method:

Boot to the DVD and choose Custom Install

On the next screen choose Disk Options. Highlight the partition you wish to install Win 8 and choose Format.

Once the partition is formatted continue the installation.

I just followed this procedure on 2 laptops and both worked well. It took about 5 hours total on both including install all apps, updating about 500 Mb of Office files, 3 defrags and Images, the last when everything was done. Both laptops are running excellently with Win 8 Pro.

10-31-2012, 09:25 AM
Purchase a new code? Whoever you spoke with must have been inexperienced, if you bought the Windows 8 Pro upgrade from the official site, the code should work. Ask them to give you a replacement one, being that you paid for the software. Your order number will be required, have this on hand.

Also, if the code was no good, after entering it, the install won't continue, you'll be asked for a valid one.

Did you try reinstalling Windows 7 Ultimate & running the Upgrade Assistant again to check for issues? You're going to need it reinstalled anyway, hopefully you backed up the computer at some point prior to the upgrade attempt.

I don't know anything about EU pricing for full versions, however if you can't clean install this one, due to some unknown issue at this point, neither will it install. The machine requirements are the same for all versions of Windows 8. Did you run Windows 8 RP at some point? If so, how did it run?

Finally, have you had any recent hardware issues with 7 Ultimate? Something is preventing what should be a simple install, however I'm not there to see it myself.


10-31-2012, 09:56 PM
Hello Cat,

I don’t think it is a hardware problem since Win8 installs perfectly on the computer if I format the HD in advance but them my activation code don’t work because I have only purchased an upgrade.

When I then first install Win7 Ultimate as a clean installation and immediately after without doing anything or installing anything else install my Win8 Pro it fails on what looks to be the very last restart during installation.

The computer is a dedicated Media Center computer so there is nothing on it or connected to it other than my Lenovo multi touch screen that I use for operation + for installation purpose a USB keyboard and mouse.

I’m away from home the next week but when I get home I think I will try to connect a standard 19” monitor during installation just to be sure it is not my Lenovo screen that make trouble, but if that was the case why the only during upgrade and not in a clean install situation?


11-01-2012, 03:59 AM
I would also say the format ahead of time cause the Upgrade media, even when used from a DVD, to believe there is not a qualifying OS installed first. If you instead choose to format from within the install it will know there is a qualifying OS installed.

After choose Custom Install, on the next screen choose Advanced Options (I initial remembered this as Disk Options but I do think advanced options is correct, hey, I'm getting old and I forget things)

Under Advanced Options you highlight the partition with the qualifying OS and choose Format. You will get a warning about loosing any data on that partition. Click Ok and the partition will be formatted and then the Win 8 Pro installation should proceed.

11-01-2012, 10:25 AM
That was exactly how I performed my install, as described above. Everything is fine. Being that a Upgrade key was purchased, this is a MS approved method of upgrading, once the media is created using the Upgrade Assistant.


11-07-2012, 06:57 AM
Finally I got it to work by disconnecting everything and replacing my multi touch screen with a standard, I have seen in some of the other treads that others have mentioned that Win8 is sensitive for installing drivers during the installation and that also seem to have been my problem.

USB mouse, USB keyboard and monitor, nothing else during installation.

I still have a problem with a HDMI to LAN converter that when connected makes my curser disappear but I'm sure that is just a graphic card driver thing that can be sorted by the right driver.

11-07-2012, 07:35 AM
I found out that Windows 8, as with some other OS's, to be sensitive during the install. When I installed, the only things that I had connected was a wired keyboard/mouse & Ethernet.

8 RP wouldn't install on my desktop with my Logitech wireless keyboard & Microsoft wireless mouse installed at all, so I went with just the basics & found success. Even then, the graphics gave a fit, & the installer would crash at 74% complete. It did the same with the 8 Pro install, it was on the 2nd attempt that it completed.

And on this HP, I feel fortunate that it installed then. The first thing that I did after updating, installing Office 2010 & activating/updating that, Media Center, virus scan & defrag, was created a full backup, so that now I have a "fresh install" whenever I need it.

Hopefully, most who successfully installed 8 did the same. Restoring a backup is far less time consuming than a reinstall.



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