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10-28-2012, 11:35 AM
I downloaded the upgrade version of Windows 8 from the Microsoft website. I have a Lenovo Y470 laptop running Windows 7 HOme Premium. The installation went just about perfectly, but after the final reboot, problems began! I was IMMEDIATELY getting multiple WerFault.exe errors (and I mean LOTS!) along with a memory error message. As I went along, there were other very serious problems:

1. I cannot run Internet Explorer. I discovered I COULD run it from the start screen as long as I right clicked on the icon and chose "Run as Administrator". That option no longer appears and basically Internet Explorer will not work. It will throw up a big light blue screen with the Internet Explorer "e", but that disappears and Explorer does not appear. (Firefox and Chrome work fine).
2. McAfee crashes
3. When I try to use any of the system tools I get the error "Windows 8 has stopped working"
4, Every time I move from one application to another I get an error "Thumbnail Handler Extraction Host Has Stopped".
5. If I try to run windows setup (to try to reinstall) it crashes.
There are other errors I am getting, but too many to describe here. I ordered the Windows 8 backup CD's, but they , of course, have not arrived. I was thinking about trying to just do Win8 setup again and re-install. Can't do it because setup crashes.

So, I guess I am asking two things:
1. Are there any solutions I can try to fix these problems without reinstalling Win8?
2. How can I force Win8 to reinstall?
3. Should I back everything up and then restore the system to its original state BEFORE trying to reinstall WIndows8?

I am so frustrated!

10-30-2012, 04:16 PM
I eventually solved my own problem. I ended up "REFRESHING" my Windows installation. Be careful, however. The options are Refreshing and deleting all files on the drive or Refresh and KEEP files. Although I Refreshed and KEPT files, it will still toss out a lot of programs you had installed. In my case, it was my McAfee anti virus and ALL of my Microsoft Office (along with many more...you will have a document on your Desktop telling you which things were deleted). Now that I have re-installed all the important things, my Windows 8 is working perfectly.

10-30-2012, 08:41 PM
azdennis, glad that you solved your own issue, as I was going to suggest McAfee as the culprit. After their infamous update that crippled millions of computers 1 or 2 years ago, it's a miracle that they're still in business.

And yes, the Refresh is the best option. The other option (Reset) that wipes your drive & basically reinstalls the OS, is a very long process, one is better off doing a clean install. It takes less time to clean install than to Reset.

Now that your computer is running good, create a backup image of the entire drive, this way, you have a "fresh install" whenever you need it, with everything already activated.


10-31-2012, 02:46 AM
I would also get rid of McAfee (very poor reputation) and switch to the AVG 2013 AV free.

I have to ask, was this originally an Upgrade Install or a Custom (Clean) Install? I have heard many horror stories like this about the Upgrade Install.

When you did the Refresh, it was similar to doing a Custom (Clean) Install in that it kicked out all the upgraded files and replaced them with new clean files. The Reset goes even further and gets rid of everything, in essence a format and install.