View Full Version : Windows 8 installation has failed (always 90%)

10-28-2012, 06:39 AM
Hello fellows,

I've downloaded Win 8 Pro x64 through DreamSpark (MSDNAA), but I am currently unable to install it. I'm receiving the simple message "Windows 8 installation has failed".

Here is the setuperr.log and the setupact.log: mediafire. com/?y66p3zf68eqjz46 (posted it like this because of the 10 posts requirement, and I dont want to flood to get them)

From what I've understand, it seems there is a problem when creating a restoration point or something.

I've already tried to go to My Computer > Properties > Advanced Settings > Manage User Profiles and delete all that stuff. I've also tried using chkdsk /r /f to see if there is any error.

This error pops up always when at 90% of the install.

Any light? I'm currently using Win 7 Ultimate x64. I did the updates the installer requested.