View Full Version : windows 8 pro not installing

Puttagunta Sriram
09-05-2012, 09:43 PM
I have an account in dreamspark through our institution. I have recently downloaded windows 8 pro from your site. On starting installation it shows that all the devices are compatible and the installation continues. After 90% completion the system restarts and says devices are getting ready. After completion of 40% the installation stops and a blue screen occurs showing that the PC has undergone some problem and previous version of windows is restored.
My laptop is DELL XPS 14 with 4GB RAM, NVIDIA GT420 graphic card, 2.67GHZ speed. All the minimum requirements are there in my laptop but still i am not able to install windows 8. Though I did custom installation there is no change and again the blue screen occurs with the above message.
I have installed windows 8 release preview on my laptop and it is working fine. Why does the professional version gets stuck up?
I am very excited about installing windows 8 pro on my laptop.
Please help me in this issue.


09-06-2012, 09:14 AM
By the way you did not download the ISO file from us. We do not have a download for that.

I would suspect something bad happened when you downloaded the ISO file, or when you burned it to DVD. You did burn a DVD didn't you? This is the best way to install and gives you a repair disk when needed.

Start your installation over with a new download, burn to DVD and reinstall.