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07-08-2012, 09:33 AM
Todo Workstation 4.0, though a version behind, is an excellent all around backup program for those with Win 2K SP4 through Win 8 RP.

The main feature over Workstation over Free, is the Bootable CD that you can burn to do backups outside of the Windows environment, which is the best way to go. Plus, if one has a mechanical HDD & wants to restore to a new SSD, there's a "Optimize for SSD" feature that will do the offset (diskpart) for you, greatly increasing your chance that the OS will fire up w/o pulling out a Windows Repair Disk.

Never mind the details of version 4.5 at the top, scroll down the page to:

EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation Full Version License For Free =, the Free download will be there. Remember, this is Full version software for Free. Get it while you can. This is NOT time limited (Trial) software. NO LICENSE KEY NEEDED!

EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation Full Version License For Free - Learn With Nirab (http://www.learnwithnirab.com/2012/05/easeus-todo-backup-workstation-full.html)

You now have no reason NOT to backup! Enjoy!


07-08-2012, 08:33 PM
One other feature of that Bootable CD, it can backup any drive, regardless of whether the app is installed on it or not. I just verified this a while ago. Todo is one of the more popular brands, & this is certainly an upgrade from the Free version.


07-17-2012, 10:53 PM
Has anyone tried out this Fantastic Backup program out yet? If not, now's the time to do so. Today, after I decided to remove Win 8 RP from my SSD & revert back to the original configuration (the backup of my prior HDD before removal), I pulled out the bootable CD that I created with the program. BTW, there's an option to create ISO's of these, create several for future needs, they'll backup anything.

Anyway, I restored that backup, that was created with an earlier version of Todo Workstation (2.5.1). There was the option to "Optimize for SSD", I ticked this, the Restore took longer than normal, but it loaded all partitions correctly. Booted right up after exiting the program.

I needed to check the alignment anyway, this is critical for optimal SSD performance, & contributes to longer life. This can be done by typing "System Information" in to the Search bar, those with Classic Shell, just do it like Windows 7. The Left box will say "System Summary". From there, go to Components> Storage> Disks. Look to the box on the right. The key value is "Partition Starting Offset". This is a long number, many pocket calculators won't do this one, use an online one if necessary.

Online Calculator (http://www.online-calculator.com/)

Take that value from Partition Starting Offset, divide it by 4096. If it turns out to be a whole number w/o a decimal, you're good. If there's a decimal, it needs aligning. Do this with all of your partitions, to make sure that they're right, a whole number.

Thanks to the Bootable CD that comes with this, & the "Optimize for SSD" option, all of my partitions were perfectly aligned & the notebook fired right up. If they're not aligned, it may or may not boot, won't perform as well, & will wear prematurely.

Todo is every bit as good as any other backup app there is. Does the same things that Acronis & Macrium (the paid versions) does. I know that the 2011 & 2012 versions of Acronis has the SSD function, Macrium probably does too, in the paid version. This software normally costs $39, but for a limited time, it's free.

Us moderators are big on backup, with offerings such as this, there's no reason NOT to be backing up your computer. It would be good to hear from someone that this app works, as it's on the same level as other offerings there's been on this forum.