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05-18-2012, 12:36 AM
I write & read in several tech forums & it leads me to the following...

To all those switching their existing, current, non-beta, 'daily driver' Operating Systems on their computer, to BOTH those who have done it or are considering doing this w/ Windows8... WRONG!! Windows8, whether CP (Consumer Preview) or Beta1 OR Windows8 RP (Release Preview) or Beta2, being released in early June are BETAS. NO beta OS should ever be installed & or used on a production machine.

This is being done over & over & it is WRONG!!

A beta OS can only be run, for test purposes, as a dual-boot, on a spare box or as a virtual machine. A beta OS can never be run as one's only OS on one's only computer!

Until the final release of Windows8 in October DO NOT throw your present OS away, replacing it w/ a beta version of (in this case) Windows8!

Many ppl are doing this & it is WRONG!!


05-20-2012, 09:20 PM
Hi Drew, I am trying to install Windows 8 CP on my home desktop as the only OS, but fortunately see your suggestion. Thanks a lot

05-20-2012, 09:56 PM
You're most welcome; glad to be of some help. Yes, please, dual-boot or virtual machine. And, always, back-up everything, if, you possibly can.


05-21-2012, 09:39 AM
Drew, what you didn't mention, is the number of people who paid NO attention to the advise of Microsoft, on their download page, or of the people on this and other internet forums and now they are going on line, Crying their eyes out, wanting to know how to get their original OS, their pictures, movies, music, data files, email all back, because Win-8 Over-Wrote it, thus erasing it. And Win-8 is an OS (Operating System) not a program that can just be uninstalled if you don't like it. It wipes out the original OS and takes over the computer.

Then to make matters even worse, Every Beta version of windows 8 has a very short life expectancy.
All versions will go DEAD when the final ($Retail$) version of the OS is released sometime in October.

People who have never been involved in Beta Testing before, probably should not be messing with it now.
The whole idea is to test the OS, on different PC's, with different programs, and different hardware, and report back to Microsoft, not an internet forum, as to what works and what does not.

If something does not work, we can do absolutely Nothing about it here, unless it's just Operator Error.
And that seems to be 99% of what we're addressing here.

TM :cool:

05-21-2012, 11:33 AM

1st you know we see the same scenarios & are on the same wavelength about much of the general public and beta OSs & that I would agree w/ what you've said. In other threads, both in this forum & others, devoted to this same topic, I have mentioned that it's in the MS site for Win8 download & elsewhere, quite prolifically. Yep, there's no excuse.

Somehow, it seems much of the general public, isn't seeing these pre-releases as 'taste samples' or something to check out or test or even something to whet their appetite but, rather some sort of FREEBIE that MS is just crazily saying, "Here have this new thing instead of what's in your computer, now". God knows the correct info IS, indeed, out there BUT, you gotta read it, rather than blindly jumping like lemmings.

Maybe, they should have just left it to registered Beta-testers (like myself) & just used our Feedback (like in the past). But, oh no, let's show it, in advance, to the general public, cus they'll think it's cool & buy it. Eeek, says an IT Pro. And it is so vastly different than having MS Partners (companies) & their IT staff, CFOs, COOs, CEOs looking @ it in advance... that environment has many factors to consider & evaluate & their Feedback, excitement & acceptance of a new OS is critical; availing it to them makes good sense.

MS's revenue comes more from Enterprise than, Home Users. In Business the major player is Windows & Office. To the Consumer, being able to 'peek' @ an OS looming on the horizon is a marketing play, as we know & sadly, due to mishandling a beta OS, the experience will backfire and yep, after the fact, they will scream & cry out for help... not too mention be blaming MS & Windows8 for all their problems..