View Full Version : I can NOT get it to back up to a DVD

09-05-2010, 09:15 PM
Help! I have a new HP that has Windows 8, and I can NOT get it to back up to a DVD!

It worked fine when I first turned it on, and it allowed me to do a backup and then save an image file to DVD, but after I migrated files from my old pc, the backup will not prompt me for a new DVD when the first one gets filled up. I have tried to limit the backup to smaller files, but it still will not prompt me to put in the next DVD.

The IT rep at Staples, wher I purchased it, said I should buy an external backup, but this although this will probably work, I hate to spend extra money - it's a brand new machine with a brand new OP!

Is the Staples rep right? Is it planned by Microsoft that Windows will not allow a backup to DVDs?

What are your recomendations?

Thanks in advabnce for the help!

03-17-2011, 06:59 PM
Here are some suggestions for you. hope it can do you a favor.
* Do not use the same DVD to store consecutive backup versions. It’s better to use different DVD media for each backup version (change the DVD media at each backup run). Use a set of DVDs and rotate them periodically (e.g.: take 7 DVD media, one for each week day; start with the first DVD again every 7 days). The reason for this is that in case the burn process fails, you still have the previous backup version on a different disc.
* Rewritable DVD media can be burned only a limited number of times. When strange errors happen, first consider whether if the DVD might be overburned (worn out) or not.
* Always test the DVD backed up data after burning. Backup4all has a special option to automate the test after a backup to DVD.