View Full Version : Black screen on Win 8.1 Setup with ATI 5770

01-23-2015, 05:19 AM
I am having the same problem as this guy here : forumswindows8. com/installation-setup/black-screen-win-8-setup-144.htm
Basically i have an ATI 5770 GPU card and in windows setup my screen turns black during the installation and i cant continue with the setup.
I dont have a 2nd monitor or a 2nd GPU to do what he did.
Also the solution with the Autounattend.xml found here: support.microsoft. com/kb/978226 is for windows 7 not 8. The xml has some values in it that are for windows 7...so i am not even gonna try it.
And i cant find a similar solution for windows 8.1

My specs:
Windows: 8 Pro
CPU: core2quad q6600
Motherboard: P5B Premium (vista edition)
Ram: 4GB Kingston DDR2
GPU: Asus 5770 1GB RAM
PSU: 700watt