View Full Version : Tile Group Name Keeps Disappearing on Start Screen in Windows 8, and 8.1

11-28-2013, 11:12 PM
On Win8.1 Start Screen, when I change the "Group Name" on top of a group of tiles, this new name I gave it keeps disappearing. I figured out why it happens to me. If the Khan Academy app tile is size "Wide" and at the top of the group, when I resize it to "Medium" the group name disappears immediately. I tested resizing other tiles in the top position and the group name does not disappear. Also if I put the Khan tile second from the top and then resize it to "medium", there is also no problem. So for me so far it's only that tile at the top position that reproduces the problem. I don't know why this happens only for this app/tile, but I hope it helps someone troubleshoot his/her problem too.

I hope someone has a fix for this possible MS Bug.