Hey Guys!

I'd like to announce the new effective app that's now available in the windows store.

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Purple Sync and Backup simplifies copying and backup of files between local drives, external drives, FTP servers, DropBox, OneDrive or any other cloud backup service with local disk mapping.


- Total visibility and control of the folders and files which will be copied/updated/deleted during the sync and backup process.

- Highly reliable and tolerant FTP functionality specifically designed to handle very long-running syncs and backups.

- Ability to perform manual scans of source and target folders before sync and backup. Why rescan both when you know that target hasn't changed ?

- Ability to perform selective scans of source and target before sync and backup. Why rescan everything when you know that only certain folders have changed ?

- Ability to include/exclude files and folders from the sync and backup process.

- Sync and backup runs can be paused and then resumed at any time : even after application shutdowns and reboots.

- In the full version sync and backup takes place even when the application isn't visible or on the lock screen. Progress of the sync and backup is displayed on the lock screen or in the tile on the Start screen.

Please search for 'Purple Sync And Backup' app in the windows store and give it a whizz!