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    Default Problems with OS migration from HDD to new SSD

    Added a new SSD to my laptop in drive bay 2

    Downloaded your Partition Assistant Freeware and followed the instructions in the Wizard to Migrate OS from HDD in bay 1 to SSD in bay 2 in Windows 8

    Your migration software, apparently when finished, rebooted or restarted my laptop on its own and into Windows 8. I immediately shut down my laptop.

    After I shut down my laptop I moved HDD to bay 2, and SSD to bay 1

    Turned laptop back on and got the Win 8 default splash screen, not the custom splash screen I had previously had; after login, everything seemed okay until I went into Windows Explorer and it showed the SSD as drive F, and the HDD as drive C

    I then went to Disk manager and it also showed SSD as drive F and HDD as drive C

    I used Disk manager to change the HDD logical drive letter C to logical drive letter H

    When I closed Disk manager, I had no desktop - my desktop disappeared and I couldn't get back to Disk manager because I couldn't back into anything on my desktop

    I then booted off of a WinPE USB key drive; and went into DISKPART and manually changed the HDD partition back from logical drive letter H to logical drive letter C

    I then re-booted back into Windows 8 and got the Win 8 default splash screen, not the custom splash screen I had previously had, and everything re-booted just fine except that the SSD was still the F Drive and the HDD was still the C Drive which doesn't seem correct or logical

    I shut down my laptop and removed the HDD drive from bay 2, then I restarted my laptop and when it booted up to the splash screen, it was NOT the win8 default splash screen it was a plain blue splash screen

    When pressing a key, it goes to the login screen and it sees my User Account, then I type in my password and then it says "Welcome" and starts the revolving dots but doesn't go beyond that until the system goes in to sleep mode. It will not log in.

    I believe that your migration software while putting the OS on my new SSD didn't complete the process or something.

    What do you suggest?



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    Default Re: Problems with OS migration from HDD to new SSD

    "Your Migration software?" what is that?

    Leave the SSD and the original HDD where you have them installed. Reboot and go to BIOS and change the boot order to make the SSD as the primary boot drive. Changing the primary boot drive will also change the drive letters automatically making the SSD as drive C. Save and reboot.

    If that still doesn't work, download Macrium Reflect Free and do the cloning process again and do as above. This time you may have better luck.
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    Default Re: Problems with OS migration from HDD to new SSD

    "Your Migration software?"
    Most of your big SSD makers offer a bundle package, in this bundle package they supply a CD that has their own migration software to move the OS from the old drive to the new SSD.

    In this case the OP use a 3rd part Migration software, which is where I think he went wrong. He should have used the supplied migration software. If this was a bare/standalone drive he should have downloaded the SSD migration software directly from the SSD website.

    Personally I would have went for a clean install on the SSD.
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    Default Re: Problems with OS migration from HDD to new SSD

    Thank you for your replies.

    AOMEI technical support responded saying that their software must have failed and I should repeat the migration process.
    My HP laptop is 2 years old.

    The bios has been upgraded, but has not had a newer upgrade from HP since.

    The bios does not allow you to pick between the primary or secondary. It appears that the bios makes that determination by seeing what bay it is installed in.

    The bios does not even identify what kind the primary or secondary drives are; not even the manufacturer.

    The bios only allows you to select the boot order of the devices, such as internal hard drive, cd/dvd, or usb attached device.

    I removed the HDD from the secondary bay and when trying to boot off the SSD in the primary bay, it will not boot up past the login screen.

    It was then that I decided to post on the manufacturers' (AOMEI) and this forum to get advice.

    SSD is a Mushkin Chronos DX and Mushkin does not provide anything except the physical SSD.

    The only download available from Mushkin is a firmware update which they tell you not to load unless you are having a problem.

    I wanted to do a clean install. However, I had upgraded the laptop's Win 7 to Win 8 pro. The upgrade dvd will only start up and run properly from within a Windows environment. I attempted to do a clean install with my Win 8 pro upgrade dvd with the SSD in the secondary bay. The setup software would not install onto the secondary drive which was the SSD drive. Therefore I decided to use the AOMEI migration software to migrate the OS from the HDD to the SSD; then put the SSD into the first drive bay, boot into Windows, restart the Win 8 pro setup and then do a clean install onto the SSD.

    Since I cannot log in to start windows, I can't start the Windows 8 install

    I have learned that when trying to boot from the Windows 8 pro dvd that if I press the "shift F10" keys that it will actually boot up and take me to the install screen. I have not attempted a clean install yet because I wanted to review the answers on this forum to see if someone had a method for fixing the current boot problem on my SSD.

    I am now going to proceed to see if I can do a clean install on the SSD from the Win 8 pro upgrade dvd even though I am not in a windows environment

    I am going to try to do this via the Repair procedure available on the Win 8 pro upgrade dvd

    I will post whether this method is successful or not and again, I thank you for your replies.

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